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What is Flourish?

(formerly known as Blue Pomegranate - bluepom.com)

Pop-up style retail events that feature quality artist crafted and limited production art that is showcased in a creative, experiential way.

Curated and hosted by sculptor, Sondra Gerber

and her husband, Jason Gerber.

Play at Work

We believe in living and working in a way that embodies a creative and life giving culture.


1. To grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially         as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

2. A period of thriving, a luxuriant growth.

3. A decorative or finishing detail.

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Techie, entrepreneur, skateboarder, photographer, Jason, met the super creative, problem solving, party planner, artist, Sondra, when they were kids. Their future would soon prove that their success was due to their ability to team together to accomplish the brainstorming of ideas that flowed from them. From operating a successful retail gallery, sculpture business, photography studio, small business consulting and several online websites, they are truly the definition of an entrepreneurial power couple


The Gerbers believe in living and working in a way that embodies a creative and life giving culture. This involves producing a beautiful product, showcasing it an unexpected and delightful way.


You do not want to miss an event that this creative duo puts on!

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The Garden Party 2023


Hosted at the Gerber's garden, 

featuring art for the outdoors. 


Starts Memorial Day Weekend

for 2 consecutive weekends

Friday - Sunday


in Elkhorn, Nebraska.